About the GPC

About The GPC

The Green Purposes Company (GPC) is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. It has one primary function: to protect the green purposes of the Green Investment Bank (GIB). It may also undertake supporting activities to promote the protection of the environment, should it choose to do so.

The GPC’s current focus is solely on safeguarding the green mission of the GIB through its power as special shareholder in the GIB, and in maintaining a constructive relationship with GIB and its stakeholders.

The GPC has public accountability and an implied responsibility to be open in its core functions. The GPC scrutinises the operation of the five green purposes. The GPC wishes the GIB business model to succeed, grow and act as an exemplar.

To deliver its role GPC takes account of:

  • Public accountability;
  • A wish to be seen to be transparent and competent; and
  • A wish to contribute positively to the future development of GIB.

The GPC is developing an operational plan and will continue to monitor, review and update the scope of its role.